About the App

What is the Circle app?
Circle is a personal safety app allowing people to live London connected to their friends and family.  

How does it work?
The app is designed to support people who find themselves in difficult or vulnerable situations. It has fast single tap access to a personal safety net of friends who can then call or locate and collect the person. The app also shows users where their nearest ‘Safety Spot’ is.

App Functionality

Let everyone know you’ve arrived safely. Once you’ve reached your destination, Check-in lets your friends know you’re ok.

Request Location
Locate your friends and see their location on your map. Find out where you friends are with the Request Location button.

Interrupt Me
If you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, you can message your friends at the touch of a button with Circle. With the Interrupt Me button you can ask your friends to call you.

Collect Me
If you find yourself in a situation you want to get out of, you can simply message your friends at the touch of a button with Circle. With the Collect Me button you can send your location to your friends and ask them to pick you up.

Customise messages
Customise your messages. Preloaded text makes messaging quick and easy. You can choose what to say and who to send it to.

Safety Spots
Locate your nearest Safety Spots. Safety Spots are public locations certified by police and local councils, with staff trained to help. 

Who created the app?
The app was created by developers Xantura.

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